What We Do

  • Well Testing and Water System Evaluation
    When you are considering buying or selling a home, a well test can help determine quantity of water, if the water is potable, and the water quality. You will also want an assessment of the age, quality, and condition of the system equipment. And should an oil company drill in the area, baseline testing is a must in case there are issues later on. We can provide you with a system overview and provide recommendations based on your particular needs. We follow county specific procedures for well and water system testing, as well as any lender specific requirements you may have.
  • Well and Cistern Pump Installation, Repair, and Replacement-We carry a large stock of submersible pumps and repair/replacement parts in stock and on our service vehicle. Problems with your pumping system such as leaks, cracked pipes, clogged or rusted areas, and bacteria can all slow down your pump, prevent you from getting clean water, and increase your energy usage. Our extensive diagnostic experience and proficiency is here to help get you back in water- FAST!
  • Cistern Installation, Maintenance, Repair, and Cleaning
    We install cisterns made from high-density polyethylene, for ease of maintenance and long life. These cisterns are FDA approved for potable water. Our Underground Pressure Systems are designed for instances when there is no space indoors for a pressure tank. A cistern can be used in conjunction with a well, or by itself. We can tie together multiple cisterns for greater storage capacity. We can install “Low Water Level” alarm lights, and can do a “System Access Upgrade” which makes your cistern accessible and maintainable with a full cistern of water.
  • Water Treatment
    We provide a wide range of solutions from water softeners to reverse osmosis units to filtration solutions. Solving your water problems by removing chlorine taste and smell from city water systems, to removing sulpher – like smell and taste, call us to discuss your requirements.